Step 1

Submit your project or product idea


Click below to download a Project Proposal Form and follow the instructions given. Once your completed proposal is received you will be notified and issued with a reference number


Stage A Assessment


A first assessment is conducted by multi-disciplined team including regulatory experts to determine feasibility

Step 2

Step 5



Suitable resources are assigned to the project. These may include Program Management, Regulatory Consultants and Funding sources. Included with this is the use of our digital product life cycle management platform which will facilitate the concurrent development of all aspects of your project

Stage B Assessment

More information may be requested for a detailed analysis of the maturity of your project ranging from product development to industrialization and manufacturing supply chain

Step 3

Stage C Assessment

Those projects requiring funding will also be assessed to identify suitable sources

Step 4


Projects or product ideas that are submitted to the COVID-19 Agile Solution Team go through a systematic process to ensure that the correct type and level support is identified.